Welcome to Ride Restyle LLC, manufacturer of TOON TROLL

Welcome to Ride Restyle LLC, manufacturer of TOON TROLLWelcome to Ride Restyle LLC, manufacturer of TOON TROLL

About Us

Like nothing ever before

TOON TROLL is a innovative new way of mounting a bow mount electric trolling motor OR electric anchor to your pontoon boat.  We have refined, streamlined and added brute force strength to both TOON TROLLS for 2019.   It is still made of 6061 aluminum for light weight and durability, with added internal features to handle the 80 to 112 lb thrust motors.  We also made improvements to the capture plate.  Sleek design with stainless components that "locks" the trolling motor in desired position.  Our own industry exclusive deck edge top mounted slide  bracket is easy to install and allows super fast on and off of Toon Troll unit if need, with no interference if trailering boat.  The extra length tongue that slides into deck edge slide bracket allows for different configurations of the deck edge face, with NO* trimming, cutting or shimming!  Along with the longer slide tab the mounting angle has also been lengthened to provide dual leverage and NO* drilling through deck edge trim for fasteners.  The included threaded knob is used to "sandwich" components together for added strength and security. Reduced fasteners and components allow a easier and faster install and use.   See photo gallery for photos for up to date photos our our products and installs.  *Some pontoon boats have a extended length deck edge trim face.  You may have to drill clearance hole through trim to secure to under deck support bracket.  See photos of example of this.

Keep it out of the boat

The revolutionary TOON TROLL has many advantages.  First, no need to purchase the expensive half door for your boat. This mounting system has a rotational design, does not stow in passenger compartment.  Second, and possibly most important, eliminates the trip hazard for passengers.  Third, easy to install with basic tools.  Under deck mounting/support kit keeps the deck clear of brackets or plates. Need to trailer? No problem. TOON TROLL and TOON TROLL HD both  can both be removed in a minute! NOTHING sticks out past deck edge trim of pontoon boat when removed.  The re-designed under deck support bracket is super strong and easy to install.  WIth only two stainless steel carriage bolts through deck, it provides a clean, almost unnoticable installation.  Bolting through deck is the best and strongest way to mount any accessory on a deck.  If required, additional straps or stiffeners can be attached to the underdeck extra length threaded bolts underneath.  The standard TOON TROLL and the HD model have a clearance hole in motor mount plate for use of a lock and cable (not included) for anti theft.


The TOON TROLL will change the way you have been using your pontoon boat.  Not only making fishing easier and more enjoyable, but you can enjoy your boat more on lakes that have electric only restrictions. The cost savings of not switching front door and using up valuable guest space makes TOON TROLL the best accessory for your money. It also accomodates all makes and most models of electric bow mount motors. TOON TROLL HD is used for auto deploy motors. And as shown in our photo gallelry, the HD works great with electric anchors too!  

Contact Us

We look forward to hearing from you,

We appreciate all our customers that have made TOON TROLL and TOON TROLL HD very successfull.  We will continue to strive to make our products the best they can be. Please contact us at riderestyle@charter.net for more info.  Or 920-581-8100.  DEALER INQUIRES WELCOME.

Ride Restyle LLC


In action on pontoon boat.

TOON TROLL with 55 lb thrust bow mount motor. PLEASE NOTE:  We now use a quick connect slide bracket.  You can see and view the quick release mounting system in our photos.  The mount is no longer bolted through deck trim as shown on video. hown   View TOON TROLL HD with auto deploy and stow bow mount trolling motor on our Facebook page.  Just click the link below.


This video shows you how to stow and deploy your TOON TROLL HD.  


TOON TROLL SR has a quick release bracket mount to motor!  No need to purchase a quick release bracket and fit on the unit.  Now there are two fast and easy ways to remove from boat.

Installation Instructions

Please read all the following information before installing your TOON TROLL.  Please review the photos in our PHOTO GALLERY which are a great reference for an install on just about any pontoon boat.  You can also always contact us with any questions or concerns.


Files coming soon.

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